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Garden Design Service

Designing your beautiful wildlife garden to concept plan stage. You can then decide how you would like to progress by getting involved in the gardening projects yourself or by hiring a professional gardener or landscaper.



 Stage One
Design Consultation

During the design consultation I will look around the garden and discuss your heart's desires for your garden space. It's also your opportunity to communicate the practical requirements needed. Then I can incorporate them into your new wildlife-friendly design. We will discuss your likes and dislikes in terms of colour, style and design.

 £50 plus travel time.

Then I will contact you with your brief and quotation, once this has been accepted we will move onto stage 2.


 Stage Two
Garden Survey and Site Analysis

The garden survey is required in order to create the concept plan.  Depending on the size and complexity of your garden, the survey will be carried out by us directly on site or by a professional topographical surveyor.  When the measurements are complete I will produce a plan of your garden layout. Click below to see photos of the garden survey being taken.

Then the site analysis report is a thorough investigation of your garden's potential. 

It focuses on climate and micro climate and investigates the sun's trajectory throughout the day. I will analyse your soil and identify the plants that will suit your garden and benefit your local wildlife.  


 Stage Three
Concept Plan, Planting Plans and Mood Boards

With all the information  gathered. I will draw up a concept plan of your new wildlife-friendly garden. You can then use this plan to create the garden of your dreams. I can also provide planting plans with a myriad of suggestion for the best wildlife-friendly plants for your garden.

Please get in touch I would love to hear from you!  

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