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A Show Garden Designed
for Maggie's Centre Southampton


Two show gardens were created by the students of Sparsholt College, in the final year of the Advanced Award in Garden Design. Our gardens 'Waves' and 'The Sanctuary' both highlight the wonderful work of the Maggie's Centre Southhampton. The one I was most involved with was 'Waves'. 'Waves' Is a plant-filled journey illustrating the vital role the Maggie’s Centre Southampton plays in supporting those affected by a cancer diagnosis. Through symbolism and use of colour, our garden also explores the link between Maggie Keswick Jencks's inception of Maggie’s centres and the spiritual concepts of Taoism, one of her areas of interest.  A wave, 'Tao' moves through three garden spaces, representing fluctuating energy and emotion. Starting with the planting of dark restrained colour and form, the wave rests at a central water feature and a planting of green and white, a quiet regenerative escape. The path then widens again surrounded by bright harmonising planting that celebrates the beauty and energy of nature.

 Charles Jencks (2021) "Taoism, the idea that everything is in a process of flowing movement, fits in with the new sciences of organisation out of chaos and complexity."

Anonymous Maggie’s Centre Southampton Visitor 2022

‘’ In the storm of cancer Maggie’s is my safe harbour’’.


Initial Concept Sketch

My initial concept design representing the groups ideas.... 

A concept plan for Maggie's Centre Southampton

CAD Design 

My 3D representation and an indicative planting plan created using Vectorworks

A CAD design of the garden in 3D using vectorworks

Creating the garden


A Gold and Silver Guilt

 We were delighted to be presented our Silver Guilt (Waves) and Gold (The Sanctuary) awards by wildlife friendly gardening advocate, award winning garden designer and  television presenter Arit Anderson. 




The Sanctuary

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