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The Centered Garden

This project involved working for a couple with older children, one still living at home. They wanted to create a forever garden that was integrated more closely with their house. The garden slopes upwards at an angle from the house, with an ugly wall cutting off the view of the garden from the patio. The structural wall is now hidden behind a stunning planting and much wider steps creating an illusion of space as you ascend. As respect for wildlife is such a core principal of ancient Indian beliefs, I tied in the clients love of Yoga into the garden concept design. I incorporated the chakra concept, starting with a circular wildflower lawn that represented the chakra then moving up the garden from a root chakra bed and ending with a crown chakra bed at the top of the garden. 

Centered Garden

The Base Survey Drawing

This base survey is used to show what already exists in a garden. The garden was measured and spot levels were taken. 

Base Survey

3D computer aided design models of the garden design

These images were created by using Vectorworks

3D CAD drawings
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