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The Community Garden

This was a student project set in a fictional garden, as follows. There is a budget for this garden of £5000. It is a community centre garden used by the local surgery for social prescribing. It has a core of dedicated volunteers led by a retired horticulturalist. It has a large poly tunnel a new green house and several raised beds. 

The design for the circular garden was commissioned because more growing space was needed to accommodate the seasonal plants successfully grown from cuttings and plug plants in the green house and poly tunnel. A permanent planting for winter interest was also required as the garden is used quite extensively for a meeting place during these months. The main path leading to the community centre passes the garden. More accessible garden space was also needed for wheelchair users and their families. The trustees of the community centre keep a close eye on matters of sustainability, it is an organic and chemical free garden. The hard landscaping has been kept to an absolute minimum and they don’t want any concrete at all. 

After successful implementation of the circle garden the clients would like to commence on another commission for a sensory garden with grasses and scented plants.

Planting Plan by Clare Catling showing a circular sandstone edged garden
3D vectorworks plan drawing showing a crossectional view and two seasonal 3D views
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