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Good Garden Design for Everyone

Designing sustainable gardens with wildlife in mind

I am a Hampshire based garden designer creating wildlife-friendly gardens to suit all budgets. Your garden should be a space you can't wait to go out into. A sanctuary for you and a haven for wildlife. I listen carefully to your requirements to ensure your garden design is as unique as you are. Considering your pets,  your children, your maintenance requirements, and how the garden evolves over time with you. Sharing my life long passion for wildlife, creating ponds, wildflower meadows, nectar borders, tapestry lawns, bug hotels, bee homes, log piles, Hugelkulturs, compost heaps, native hedges, Ivy arches, and fedges. All these features boosting  valuable biodiversity. 

I want your garden to be beautiful, practical and contribute to the local ecosystem. 


I have helped many clients achieve their dream garden and now I would love to help you.


What my clients have said 

Alexa Young, CA

Clare has been our gardener for ten years, with my wife and I very pleased with her enthusiasm, dedication and achievements, including the conversion of much of our large back garden to wild flower beds. She has an extensive knowledge of plants, shrubs and fruit trees, including an early and accurate ability to detect a problem, its source and remedy. Clare has a large repertoire of gardening skills, ranging from wilding techniques through professional pruning/planting skills and novel but pragmatic ideas to improve the garden layout.

Larry Murawski


 Wildlife and habitats

A selection of  images of wildlife and habitats from my gardens.


Helping Nature's Recovery

With the recent publication of the state of nature report, there is even more reason than ever to be good custodians of our gardens and there is so much we can do to support wildlife. We can change our gardening habits and create homes for our wild garden friends. With careful design and a knowledge of insect life cycles and food chains, our gardens can be a haven for wildlife, capture carbon, slow the passage of rain water to the ground and they can look beautiful too!


BBC Gardeners World Spring Fair,Beaulieu

'Waves' was our entry to the 'Beautiful Borders' section of the BBC Gardeners World Spring Fair. It was designed in support of the wonderful Maggie's Center Southampton. I was delighted to be presented with a silver guilt award by wildlife friendly gardening advocate, award winning garden designer and  television presenter Arit Anderson. In order to be as sustainable as possible the design used coppiced hazel and willow. The plants and other materials were borrowed and then returned.

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